Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain?

President Trump’s ..uh..fiery rehetoric regarding North Korea has left him with a set of bad choices.  Rain fire and fury down on the North Koreans and start and awful war no one with any sense wants…. Or don’t … and risk being seen as a big talker with more mouth than muscle.

The stakes are off the scale but even when they’re not…this is how our president operates.

Remember…this is the same guy who tweeted out …  no more transgender Americans allowed in our military.  Only to have the pentagon pump the brakes… announcing  they’d actually gotten no such orders…and quote.. tweets do not equal a policy.

Put another way..… Trump was just talking.

Whole network shows and social media empires have been built around this president’s erratic twitter habits…and its all quite entertaining… but its also dangerous as hell.

Remember… After the President recently used twitter to lambast China for not doing more to help us deal with the threat North Korea.  The Chinese said this….. emotional venting cannot become a guiding policy for solving the nuclear issue on the peninsula.

In other words….whatever, dude!

What Trump does not seem to get is that every time he fires off  a tweet that’s meaningless or simply untrue…his credibility takes a hit…meaning fewer of us will take him at his word …about anything.

And so now, when our national security may well depend on how seriously the bad guys take the commander and chief… the real fake news may be coming out of his mouth.   Let’s be real: The only thing worse than a President most of us no longer believe? A president our enemies believe they can ignore.

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