One year later

It’s been a year now since America elected Donald Trump as president and if there’s  one thing I still just can’t over it is this number: 58 percent.

See according the Pew Center…that’s the percentage of White voters who supported trump … even after the guy played the race card…maliciously… throughout the campaign. He is a racist.

And I don’t use the R-word lightly …but let’s be real:  From leading the birther movement to the Mexican American judge who Trump swore up and down wouldn’t give him a fair shake… to his tepid and equivocal rejection of White supremacists…  Candidate Trump was actually pretty straight up about his basic contempt for people of color.

Which takes us back to that 58 percent…because even scarier than a racist President… are the nearly 6 in 10 white American voters… who last November said ’I’m okay with that’ or at least ‘He’s better than Hillary Clinton’. Which…Is he really?? Cause from where I sit sustained unapologetic racial animosity should be an automatic disqualifier for America’s top job. But instead…58 percent.

Frankly, I didn’t want to believe it. I mean Barack Obama was elected president, right? Twice.  But now, one year later; with more White nationalists marching around than I even thought existed;  With a Black quarterback blacklisted cause he dared to take a knee in protest- not against the flag or the anthem-but against a country not living up to ideals those symbols stand for; And with a president who consistently uses race to divide us but still has 35 to 40 percent of the country on his side–With all that I am officially woke. Cause how could anyone sleep through a nightmare like this?

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Derek McGinty is a journalist, an award-winning interviewer and a commentator. He got his first job on the air back in 1984 at WHUR radio in Washington DC. From there he went to WAMU-FM where he launched a nationally syndicated daytime talk show on NPR. By the end of the century he’d been a correspondent on the CBS broadcast Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel and HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.