Obama should take the money

I am frankly flabbergasted by all this righteous indignation on the left about President Obama and his 400-thousand dollar speaking fee.

Senator and leading progressive Bernie Sanders says the ex-president getting paid so much…quote just doesn’t look good…and is in his words.. distasteful.

Fellow progressive senator Elizabeth Warren says she’s troubled by it.

Really?? Cause I’m not troubled at all….and am frankly wondering what you people are thinking about. Except perhaps playing into the old stereotype around liberals and anyone who makes a lot of money.

President Obama served our nation well as president and in my opinion at considerable personal sacrifice.  We all know at least something about the burden of being commander in chief…and we’ve seen the toll those life and death decisions takes on the faces of the men who’ve had the job.  But I think perhaps even more stressful…is that you can’t really be yourself when everything you say in public comes under scrutiny. Remember those photos of that famous Obama smile before he was in office?? you never really saw him smile like that once he was in the White House for a while. Not to mention all the hatred and racist garbage he had to put up with…and never respond to.

No doubt he wanted the gig …and certainly knew the job was dangerous when he took it. But now the job ia over…he’ll never run for office again. And if someone wants to pay him a half million bucks for speech…I say take it!!  I know I would.  One columnist pointed to the 60 million dollar advance he and Michelle got for their memoirs and said…isn’t that enough?

Who are you to say what’s enough for him and his family?  As Daily Show host Trevor Noah said… he was already the first Black President. Now you want him to be the first ex president to turn down the big money that comes with joining that very exclusive club.

No freakin way. And the best news is Obama doesn’t have to pay attention to anything you say. Not anymore.

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