How the Redskins can avert a PR disaster when/if Kirk Cousins leaves town

Now that Redskins’ season has mercifully come to an end, here’s the sad and much-talked-about reality: In this coming off-season the team very well may not be able to hold on to their most precious and valuable player—quarterback Kirk Cousins. Either because they won’t pay him enough, or he no longer wants to be here. Doesn’t matter. Cousins may be gone.
But today, just cause its still holiday season, I want to imagine something really really special. In 2018, when Cousins blows town fans are furious…jerseys are burned …season tickets are cancelled. But there is a way out for this beleaguered organization. Imagine this: Notoriously prickly and private Team owner Dan Snyder holds a news conference. And proceeds to shock the world with a series of honest and humble answers.
‘How the hell did you let Kirk Cousins get away?’, would have to be question number one. ‘We made mistakes, Snyder replies. After that first good year, we just weren’t sold and we’ve been just playing catch up since then. We were terrified of overpaying him and we blew it.’
‘What do you have to say to the angry fans abandoning you in droves?, might be number two. ‘I say we understand. As I said, we’ve made mistakes. You’re right to blame me for them. But I pledge that for those who stick with us we’re going to be better. And when we do, I hope the rest will come back.’
For 2 hours Snyder takes it. He’s calm. He answers every question. He promises a more competent, open organization. He apologizes for how they treated fired GM Scot McCloughan. He gently fires current team president Bruce Allen. I know, I know …its just a fantasy.
But isn’t this time of year all about new beginnings…second chances… et cetera?
And besides if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last several months, while a good apology and a humble attitude can’t fix everything, without them its very hard to fix anything. Happy New Year.

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