He can’t fix it and neither can you. Trump Broke all the Rules, So are the rules all broken? Did the President’s unorthodox campaign and election win permanently change the game? Gosh, I hope not.

My old man used to have a saying…. If it was easy…everyone would do it.

Its an ancient truism that would certainly seem to apply to our still fairly new President Donald Trump. These last 100 days we’ve seen Trump smacked upside the head over and over again by just how intractable and complex America’s problems are.  Who knew health care was so complicated?..he said.  I thought being President would be easier he said.

These are huge admissions from a guy whose whole campaign was based on …only I can fix it.  And its gonna happen from day one. But rather than ask why Trump didn’t know better…. I’m asking why didn’t his voters?

Surely they’ve seen every new president battered by what amounts to the steepest learning curve of any job ever. Why did they think President Trump would have it any easier?

The answer lies in one of the oldest myths in American politics…that the system doesn’t work cause politicians are craven and corrupt…if there was just a good guy with some common sense in there…well he could set things right. Its an idea as old as Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington…and one that Donald trump took full advantage of to bluster his way into the White House.

Problem is …it is indeed a myth. Fact is—the system doesn’t work well for many reasons…including mixed messages from voters… combined with the fact that at times there just aren’t any good or easy answers to complicated problems.  Like…North Korea….or tax reform.

Old folks like me remember an  Robert Redford flick out of the 70s called..the candidate. At the end…Redfords character wins an impossible race for the US Senate and he turns to his campaign manager and asks..what do we do now?

That is question our president is still struggling to figure out….and one thing for sure…if it was easy as filling our airwaves with bluster…it would already be done.


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Derek McGinty is a journalist, an award-winning interviewer and a commentator. He got his first job on the air back in 1984 at WHUR radio in Washington DC. From there he went to WAMU-FM where he launched a nationally syndicated daytime talk show on NPR. By the end of the century he’d been a correspondent on the CBS broadcast Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel and HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

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