A few more thoughts on Kirk Cousins

Contemplating the fate of my Washington Redskins this morning I had a bit of a revelation regarding soon-to-be departed quarterback Kirk Cousins. Conventional wisdom around here seems to be that Cousins is a very good player who may well be even better if he goes to work for a better organization. Heck, he might even [...]

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How the Redskins can avert a PR disaster when/if Kirk Cousins leaves town

Now that Redskins' season has mercifully come to an end, here’s the sad and much-talked-about reality: In this coming off-season the team very well may not be able to hold on to their most precious and valuable player—quarterback Kirk Cousins. Either because they won’t pay him enough, or he no longer wants to be here. [...]

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Obama should take the money

I am frankly flabbergasted by all this righteous indignation on the left about President Obama and his 400-thousand dollar speaking fee. Senator and leading progressive Bernie Sanders says the ex-president getting paid so much…quote just doesn’t look good…and is in his words.. distasteful. Fellow progressive senator Elizabeth Warren says she’s troubled by it. Really?? Cause [...]

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