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Ideas Matter More Than Ideology

My old man used to have a saying…. If it was easy…everyone would do it.

Derek McGinty is a journalist, an award-winning interviewer and a commentator. He got his first job on the air back in 1984 at WHUR radio in Washington DC. From there he went to WAMU-FM where he launched a nationally syndicated daytime talk show on NPR. By the end of the century he’d been a correspondent on the CBS broadcast Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel and HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

After two years in New York as anchor of ABC’s World News Now and World News This Morning, It was back to his hometown of Washington DC to anchor WUSA’s fledgling 7pm local newscast.

In all those incarnations Derek has believed that ideas matter more than ideology, so after leaving WUSA in 2015, he is launching this website in hopes of keeping the conversation going.


Damn Redskins

Just when I thought I was out– they pull me back in. — The Godfather.

Trump Fans

President Trump rock solid support remains a mystery to some on the other side. How can people keep supporting this guy?, they say. Derek McGinty says the answer may be simpler than you think.

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Culture Clash

Where Ideas Collide, Compete, and Come Out Smarter.


Greg Bishop

I'm still trying to figure this out. The NFL has been ravaged this season by injuries to some of its biggest stars. But my guest says in some ways we should have seen this coming. Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Greg Bishop explains its all a matter of physics. 



Hitmakers Also this one.... Why do we like what we like? And what's the difference between that song you can't get out of your head, and the one that fades into the background never to be played again? A new book explores the power of the Hitmakers and we've got the author [...]



Why do so many of us want to be famous when so many famous people are miserable...or even dead? A psychologist who explores the minds of celebrities joins Derek McGinty to explain the lure and the burdens of fame.

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The Blog

A few more thoughts on Kirk Cousins

Contemplating the fate of my Washington Redskins this morning I had a bit of a revelation regarding soon-to-be departed quarterback Kirk Cousins.
Conventional wisdom around here seems to be that Cousins is a very good player who may well be even better if he goes to work for a better organization. Heck, he might even take a team with a great defense like the Broncos or […]

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How the Redskins can avert a PR disaster when/if Kirk Cousins leaves town

Now that Redskins’ season has mercifully come to an end, here’s the sad and much-talked-about reality: In this coming off-season the team very well may not be able to hold on to their most precious and valuable player—quarterback Kirk Cousins. Either because they won’t pay him enough, or he no longer wants to be here. Doesn’t matter. Cousins may be gone.
But today, just cause its still holiday […]

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